Local News 9/20

Speaking out against zoning:

            A full house for the Tuesday Gibson County Commissioner’s meeting – and most of those present were there to discuss an item on the agenda.

            The possibility of spot zoning along Interstate 69 in eastern Gibson County.

            The idea is currently an informal, exploratory stage, with some county leaders who’ve been talking to potential developers who would invest at the off-ramps along I-69. Those investors say – they need zoning to protect their investment from being devalued by an unwanted business who might move in next door.

            The Clarion reports most of those in attendance are looking for more information – asking questions about the timeline – and why officials only want to put zoning in place along the interstate.

            The answers to those – there might be a plan in place by the end of the year – and because of an immediate need for a growth plan.

            Those in attendance also presented a petition signed by more than 280 people who oppose the zoning proposal.

Park Grant:

            A grant will change the face of a new park in Gibson County.
            The Hopkins Family Park in eastern Gibson County was built on land donated by that family over the past couple of years – with a grand opening this past July.
            The Gibson County Parks board says they’re getting a $200,000 grant from the department of natural resources to further improve the offerings at the park – and it’s going to get bigger.
            Another donation of 32 acres of land is the matching portion that helped with the grant.



            A pair of wins for Gibson Southern soccer last night:

            The girls beat county rival Princeton 8 to 0, and the boy’s also beat the Tigers, 4 goals to 2.

            Boy’s tennis from last night:

            Gibson Southern beats Boonville 5 matches to none.


            The Titans go to 5 games against Tecumseh – and fall in the final frame.

            Boy’s Tennis:

            Princeton at home for Tecumseh

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