Local News Headlines – 9/14

            The trial date for two Princeton men facing murder charges in Knox County has been pushed back.
            Cousins 27 year old Christopher and 41 year old Jeremy Schatz were originally scheduled to go to trial next week, but a motion to push that back into next year was granted last week.
            Both were charged after 46 year old John D. Lowe was found dead in his home in Decker in early May.
            The two reportedly told police at the time they were arrested that were working with the federal justice department – and were hired by that agency to kill Lowe.
            The murder trial for the two men is now scheduled to begin February 13th of next year.
            A new Indiana law intended to legalize the use of a cannabis extract to treat epilepsy instead resulted in a massive crackdown on the product across the state, making it more challenging for those with severe medical issues to obtain it.
            An IndyStar investigation has found that after the law passed in April, the Indiana State Excise Police confiscated products containing cannabidiol, also known as CBD, from 57 stores across the state. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive substance in marijuana.
            State law though says CBD is legal – as long as the product contained no more than point-3-percent THC – which is not enough to get you high.
            Excise official have now issued a statement saying after review of the law – the materials confiscated have been returned.
            That law primarily deals with giving CBD oil to children ailed by epilepsy considered untreatable with modern medicine.
            Action today:
            Princeton at home for Mount Vernon.
            Gibson Southern hosts Vincennes Lincoln.
            Wood Memorial at North
            Boy’s Tennis:
            Princeton at Reitz.
            Gibson Southern hosts Tecumseh.
            Princeton boys at home for North Knox.
            Gibson Southern girls at home for Forest Park. The boy’s play at Tell City.
            Wood Memorial girls at North Knox. The boy’s at Shoals.

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