WRAY News 1/17/19

A bill introduced to the Indiana Senate could require public schools to teach creationism.
Among items listed in Senate Bill 373 - a provision that allowing school districts around Indiana to permit teachers to include creation science in theories on the origins of life.
State Senator Dennis Kruse of Fort Wayne is the bill's author, it's something that he's filed 5 previous times dating back to 2000. All previous bills failed to pass. The US Supreme Court said back in 1987 that court said teaching creationism in public schools is unconstitutional.
Gibson County Commissioners once again call for more jail staffing.
The Gibson County Jail is rated to keep 120 inmates, but the sheriff told commissioners there’s 157 in jail right now - along with another 43 on work release. - and the county has been cited the past two years for overcrowding an understaffing by the Indiana Department of Corrections.
The Clarion reports commissioners Tuesday issued a renewed request for more funding to hire corrections officers to the county council - the fiscal arm of county government.
Women's college play last night:
Jackie Young had 9 as Notre Dame stays unbeaten in conference play - downing Virginia Tech on the road - 80-51.

Girl's high school basketball action tonight:
Princeton hosts Pike Central.
Gibson Southern's on the road at Southridge.
Wood Memorial plays at White River Valley.
Vincennes Rivet hosts Washington.
South Knox is at Barr-Reeve.
Harrison at Bosse.
Mater Dei at Central.
North hosts Forest Park.

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